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 Frank Selden Law, PS

Frank Selden is a leading expert in 401k Rollover Business Startups, Self-Directed IRAs and Estate Planning in Washington State.  What truly sets Frank apart, is his ability to explain (very) complicated matters in a concise, easy-to-understand way to his peers and his clients.

With twelve years of experience, thousands of clients, and teaching CLEs for attorneys & CPAs on complicated tax matters, Frank Selden Law is the right place for creative retirement planning and proper asset protection.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation if you are interested in the services below:

Frank helped me through a complex business transaction and I thoroughly appreciated his candor, advice and counsel. He was great to work with, explained the details well and provided me with additional helpful advice as a small business owner.
MARTY ADLER - small business owner
Frank Selden is an excellent attorney in the “Estate Planning” arena. He knows the law very well in this area. He would be an asset to your family and/or business. I would highly recommend him.
SCOTT NAZARINO - President, Secure Financial, Inc
I strongly endorse Frank Selden. He is an outstanding attorney, and I have known him and watched his rapid growth since his first day of law school. More importantly, he is the one you want to do business with because he is a great American. Very few in our generation have given as much of themselves in service to our country as Frank has. Give him the chance to serve you as well and you won’t be sorry.
TOM SMITH - Attorney


Frank Selden Law, PS is focused on helping you accomplish your estate planning and asset protection goals.



We listen to what you want to accomplish, explain to you how we can help and then create an easy to understand plan to achieve them.



Our clients realize that a proper estate plan will immediately help you take better control of your assets, minimize taxes and maximize liability protection


No matter what stage you are in life, is your legal foundation prepared to safe guard what is most important to you?

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