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Fri, Sep , - 2018

SDIRA Distribution – The Issue

Fri, Sep , - 2018

Does your ROBS plan allow alternative 401K investments? A new client came to with an existing ROBS plan created by one of the big promoters. He wants to invest funds from his plan into a privately held LLC. The promoter told him he could not make that investment.

Tue, Sep , - 2018

I first heard of an SDIRA Trust last year when John Park of PGI Agency called me to ask whether the idea would work. I love creative thinking, yet the idea seemed odd to me at first.

Thu, Aug , - 2018

This article focuses on a ROBS IRS audit. There are two ways a ROBS setup can be audited: a DOL audit or an IRS audit. The previous blog focused on DOL audits.

Tue, Aug , - 2018

This article focuses on ROBS DOL audits. There are two ways a ROBS setup can be audited: a DOL audit or an IRS audit. The next will be about an IRS audit.

Fri, Aug , - 2018
Fri, Aug , - 2018
Wed, Jun , - 2018

Examples of the types of gold coins allowed in an IRA

Thu, Apr , - 2018

Courtesy of the CA Franchise Tax Board

Wed, Feb , - 2018

Last December, the IRS issues a report outlining new ROBS warnings.

Sat, Feb , - 2018

If done incorrectly, taking an SDIRA distribution can disqualify your IRA. If the IRS disqualifies your IRA, you owe taxes on the entire IRA backdated to Jan 1 of the year of the disqualification plus interest.

Sat, Jan , - 2018

SBA loan life insurance is not my bailiwick. I help people create and fund corporations using their own retirement funds, a process the IRS refers to as ROBS. Some of my clients need SBA loans. There is an additional step an SBA applicant needs to complete if using retirement funds.

Wed, Jan , - 2018

The upcoming tax changes for corporations make 2018 a great year to start your ROBS funded

Fri, Dec , - 2017

Plan Administrators require year end valuations of all plan assets. Most of my clients’ plans only contain stock in the sponsoring corporation so this is a straightforward, albeit important, task. Some plan admins do not provide any guidance on creating that valuation.

Wed, Dec , - 2017

Does a Rollover Business Startups (ROBS) funding structure allow someone to claim women owned business (WOB) status?

Thu, Nov , - 2017

Is Life Insurance a better choice than a ROTH IRA? If you are contemplating a self-directed ROTH IRA, here is another option for consideration. While I help people with self-directed IRAs all over the country, on this concept I only work with people in WA State.

Tue, Nov , - 2017

In IRA Trust, as an investment tool for the IRA, is a new concept for many IRA owners.

Sat, Oct , - 2017

I discussed the Peek v Commissioner case a year ago.

Fri, Oct , - 2017
Sat, Oct , - 2017

Contracting issues create a unique opportunity for Engineers (and similar professions) to use a Rollover Business Startup (ROBS) to land important contracts. Some of my clients leave firms to launch out on their own. Their goal is to work as a consultant.


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