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Jan 15 - 2019

What is an Equity Purchase?

Jan 09 - 2019

A recent article on Entrepreneur touts one of the benefits of a rollover business startup as “partially fund their business ventures using their current 401(k) savings and then funnel some of their new business’ profits back into their retirement account completely free of taxes!” The author is c

Q-West, Iraq
Dec 28 - 2018

Presents under an 18” tree adorned our conference table at the office Christmas Day. Although a workday, we leisurely consumed a lunch on Christmas as grand as any back home. By time I reached the break room, only a skeleton remained of the deep-fried turkeys.

Dec 20 - 2018

This ROBS Attorney article is the 3rd of a three part series on the history of the ROBS industry and the difference between using a promoter and an attorney to create your ROBS program.

Frank Selden, "Super Lawyer"
Dec 11 - 2018

This is the 2nd of a three part series on the differences between the Frank Selden Law, PS approach to creating a ROBS versus the ROBS promoter approach. The first is available here.

The ROBS Promoter Concept

No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Dec 06 - 2018

This ROBS History is the first of a three part series on the differences between the Frank Selden Law, PS approach to creating a ROBS versus the promoter approach.

Nov 30 - 2018

Although the name ROBS includes the word Startup, the concept can be used to for existing business financing . Here’s how.

Nov 28 - 2018

May you invest your IRA into your own business? This Small Business Administration article, written by an attorney, implies yes.

Nov 09 - 2018

Contracting issues create a unique opportunity for Engineers (and similar professions) to use a Rollover Business Startup (ROBS) to land important contracts. Some of my clients leave firms to launch out on their own. Their goal is to work as a consultant.

Nov 03 - 2018

Plan Administrators require year end valuations of all plan assets. Most of my clients’ plans only contain stock in the sponsoring corporation so this is a straightforward, albeit important, task. Some plan admins do not provide any guidance on creating that valuation.

Oct 18 - 2018

Does a Rollover Business Startups (ROBS) funding structure allow someone to claim women owned business (WOB) status?

Oct 04 - 2018

The tax changes for corporations make 2018 a great year to start your ROBS funded corporation! Why? Glad you asked! Here are the Selden notes. Like Cliff notes, except my name isn’t Cliff, and he is already using that name for his notes.

Sep 28 - 2018

SBA loan life insurance is not my bailiwick. I help people create and fund corporations using their own retirement funds, a process the IRS refers to as ROBS. Some of my clients need SBA loans. There is an additional step an SBA applicant needs to complete if using retirement funds.

Sep 20 - 2018

Someone contemplating a ROBS setup sent me a quote from a ROBS promoter website and asked me to explain. If you have researched ROBS a bit, think about how you might explain this quote before you read my response. Here is the quote:

Sep 14 - 2018

SDIRA Distribution – The Issue

Sep 07 - 2018

Does your ROBS plan allow alternative 401K investments? A new client came to with an existing ROBS plan created by one of the big promoters. He wants to invest funds from his plan into a privately held LLC. The promoter told him he could not make that investment.

IRA Trust
Sep 04 - 2018

An IRA may invest its funds into a Trust the same way it does an LLC. This saves your IRA the annual LLC fee and does not require registration with the State.

Aug 30 - 2018

This article focuses on a ROBS IRS audit. There are two ways a ROBS setup can be audited: a DOL audit or an IRS audit. The previous blog focused on DOL audits.

Aug 28 - 2018

This article focuses on ROBS DOL audits. There are two ways a ROBS setup can be audited: a DOL audit or an IRS audit. The next will be about an IRS audit.

Aug 17 - 2018


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