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IRA Trust
Sep 04 - 2018

An IRA may invest its funds into a Trust the same way it does an LLC. This saves your IRA the annual LLC fee and does not require registration with the State.

Aug 30 - 2018

This article focuses on a ROBS IRS audit. There are two ways a ROBS setup can be audited: a DOL audit or an IRS audit. The previous blog focused on DOL audits.

Aug 28 - 2018

This article focuses on ROBS DOL audits. There are two ways a ROBS setup can be audited: a DOL audit or an IRS audit. The next will be about an IRS audit.

Aug 17 - 2018
Aug 03 - 2018
Jun 20 - 2018

Examples of the types of gold coins allowed in an IRA

Feb 28 - 2018

Last December, the IRS issues a report outlining new ROBS warnings.

Nov 16 - 2017

Is Life Insurance a better choice than a ROTH IRA? If you are contemplating a self-directed ROTH IRA, here is another option for consideration. While I help people with self-directed IRAs all over the country, on this concept I only work with people in WA State.

Nov 07 - 2017

In IRA Trust, as an investment tool for the IRA, is a new concept for many IRA owners.

Oct 27 - 2017
Oct 09 - 2017

Why should self-directed IRA clients use a Wyoming LLC? As Nevada fades in the #1 State slot to create an LLC, many clients look to Wyoming for the best benefits. If you want to read the WY LLC rules, click here. Most of our clients create LLCs for their IRAs in their home State.

Oct 02 - 2017

Some of my self-directed IRA clients prefer a Nevada LLC. Nevada recently changed some rules that make Nevada, in my opinion, not as popular.

Apr 10 - 2017

IRS Beneficiary Designation Form

Apr 07 - 2017

Navigating the Maze

Mar 22 - 2017

Does the IRS recognize self-directed IRAs? According to IRS Pub 590-A, the different types of IRAs are:

Feb 24 - 2017

Yes, you may use a SDIRA Trust to manage your self-directed IRA’s assets. For a larger view of this image, click here. This is a relatively unknown concept. An internet research of “IRA Trust” may confuse you.

Jan 26 - 2017

IRA Investment Restrictions

Jan 06 - 2017

What’s in YOUR IRA?What is in your IRA? I watched the new Jennifer Garner ad for Capital One recently and thought of IRAs.

Dec 01 - 2016

Do you have an exit strategy for your self directed IRA (SDIRA)?

Most clients I work with do not have an exit strategy. In fact, they had not entertained the idea. Why is this important?

Nov 16 - 2016



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