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ROBS for Engineers

an engineer's only fear

Contracting issues create a unique opportunity for Engineers (and similar professions) to use a Rollover Business Startup (ROBS) to land important contracts.

Three Reasons To Create Your ROBS Business NOW (and One Not To)

A caller inquired about whether I believe our current economic uncertainty is a good time to initiate a ROBS setup.

IRS Compliant ROBS setups

ROBS for Cannabis Companies Now Available

Since the US Federal government still considers Cannabis a Schedule 1 drug, cannabis companies allowed by State law experience difficulty opening bank or financial service accounts.

IRA Trust v LLC

An IRA Trust, as an investment tool for the IRA, is a new concept for many IRA owners.

Can your IRA invest in Your Business?

You may not directly invest your IRA into your business.

Should I use a ROBS or SDIRA for my investment?

You enjoyed a goose for your Dickens Christmas dinner (and leftovers) and decided that a goose farm is a good investment for your retirement dollars.


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