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Buy Mexico Real Estate with your IRA

Buying Mexico Real Estate with IRA funds requires several additional steps to buying real estate in the US.

ROBS Setup Issues - Part 2

This is part two of a two part article on ROBS setup issues. Click here for part one.

ROBS Setup Issues - Part 1

This is part one of a two part article on some things to consider when creating a ROBS setup.  

What is a ROBS Corporation Concept Worth?

What is a ROBS Corporation idea worth these days? You just know your idea is worth a million dollars.

Is a ROBS audit "guarantee" worth anything?

Someone called recently to ask whether I offer an audit guarantee. I informed her that I do not, then asked why she thought it necessary.

Frankie And Johnnie create a ROBS, and it does them wrong

If two unrelated people create a ROBS funded corporation together, what happens to the plan stock if one of them passes away?

Taking SDIRA Distributions Correctly

If done incorrectly, taking an SDIRA distribution can disqualify your IRA.

How to own cattle in a Self-Directed IRA

You may own cattle in a self-directed IRA! I grew up around dairy farms. During my teenage years I met another teenager who said he also lived "on a farm".

What Enrolled Agents Taught Me about ROBS

Last spring I taught a two-hour class on rollover business startups (ROBS) to the NW chapter of enrolled agents. I also learned a few things about enrolled agents and even something about ROBS.



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