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ROBS Downsides

Investing your retirement funds into your own business provides several key advantages or upsides which I will cover next week.

ROBS for Cannabis Companies Now Available

Since the US Federal government still considers Cannabis a Schedule 1 drug, cannabis companies allowed by State law experience difficulty opening bank or financial service accounts.

Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) Cheat Sheet

This is a collection of wisdom gleaned from the regulations and from helping hundreds of people walk through this process.

Deciding Where to Incorporate

ROBS and SDIRA clients face the same initial decision, where to incorporate their corporation or LLC.

use a TRUST with Your SDIRA! (rather than an LLC)

I first heard of using a Trust with an LLC when John Park of PGI Self-Directed called me to ask whether the idea would work for his clients.

ROBS Asset Purchase of an Existing Business

In an asset purchase of an existing business, the purchaser of the new business purchases the assets of the existing business.

ROBS Equity Purchase of an Existing Business

In an equity purchase of an existing business, the purchaser buys the equity away from the existing owner.

What To Do With Truckloads of Cash In Your ROBS Corporation

A recent article on Entrepreneur touts one of the benefits of a rollover business startup as “partially fund their business ventures using their current 401(k) savings and then funnel some of their

An Iraq Front Line Christmas Story

Presents under an 18” tree adorned our conference table at the office Christmas Day. Although a workday, we leisurely consumed a lunch on Christmas as grand as any back home.

Existing Business Financing with a ROBS Strategy

Although the name ROBS includes the word Startup, the concept can be used to for existing business financing . Here’s how.


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