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"I can breathe easy today knowing that my company is setup correctly. Frank walked us through the process and made it easy to follow. He was very responsive and answered every question with a level of confidence that supported his experience and knowledge. Most importantly, Frank provides legal advice. Most ROBS providers can’t."

- Diann K.

My research into ROBS revealed two absolute truths, the process is complex and it needs to strictly adhere to IRS and DOL regulations.  I did not like the idea of a non-personal approach by a large, well-advertised firm.  I turned to Frank because I liked the idea of a lawyer/client relationship.  I knew Frank would be bound to act in my best interest.  Once we spoke, I knew I had made the right choice. Frank was knowledgeable and patient as he laid everything out before me.  He was very generous with his time, never making me feel like the meter was always running.  Conversations never ended till both of us were on the same page.

- Scott M.

After hearing about ROBS, I did a lot of research because it seemed to good to be true. Turns out, it was a legitimate financial tool that could be used to capitalize my business. During my research I ran across Frank Selden, I did some searching online about him, it was all positive. Then I did some more researching on his credentials, turns out he's who he say's he is. I scheduled a phone consultation with him to feel him out and I could tell he's knows his stuff, and he has a genuine concern for his clients. In my opinion I'm a good judge of character, I found Frank to be someone I could trust. I researched other companies, but they didn't give me the peace of mind that I got with Frank. Long story short Frank did my ROBS, the process went smooth and I couldn't be happier. My business is capitalized, it's in compliance with the law, and there's been no audit's life is good. I'm not convincing anyone to do a ROBS, but if you decide to do a ROBS, I have gone through the process with Frank and everything worked out great. If anything were to come up, I know he is just a phone call away!

- Ric M.

"Your patience in explaining/teaching the ROBS process is unrivaled as we had numerous phone calls and email exchanges over the course of about 12 months BEFORE I signed the contract. That, along with the thoroughness and care for your clients after the sale is why I count myself as extremely fortunate and blessed that we connected at the beginning of my journey towards business ownership. Can't thank you enough for your help!"

- Tom P. 

“Frank Selden Law was instrumental in the creation and set up of my corporation using my IRA funds. Frank and his team are completely well versed in the process and from start to finish was effortless and simple to execute. There are plenty of companies that claim to handle the ROBs process trust me I’ve researched them all. They are nothing more than marketing firms whereas Frank’s experience and support is evident from day one and after the execution of forming the C-Corp.”

- Bryan V.


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