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Why Internet Research Points to One ROBS Promoter

I researched Rollover Business Startups in news articles this morning, looking for something other than marketing pieces by the big name promoters. One search result pointed to a 2016 Huffington Post article. I thought to myself, “This could be an actual news item!” Well written as a news blog, that post includes a link to an outside source comparing ROBS promoters. I clicked on that link, which took me to the website for FSB. FSB that states it investigates issues related to small businesses so you, the small business owner, don’t have to. One of the two FSB founders is the same person who wrote the Huffington Post blog.

Fake News?

The linked article on the FSB website includes a link to speak directly to someone about a ROBS setup. That link takes you directly to Guidant Financial Services (GFS), Bellevue WA. FSB claims that GFS is the best ROBS promoter they know. I believe GFS is a good company. I do believe GFS is the best at something, but it is not setting up a ROBS plan. What rocketed GFS to the top of the ROBS setup pyramid is that, among ROBS promters, they are the best at internet marketing. In fact, GFS pays FSB to say they are the best. FSB admits this in their disclaimers. Is this objective news? I do not think so. This is quintessential fake news, advertising disguised as news or research.

One of the two GFS founders also started a company called NuWire Investor (NWI). NWI is now owned by a former GFS employee. NWI creates articles to look like news items and place them strategically around the internet. All of the NWI ROBS articles point to GFS.

The Huffington Post, formerly a trusted news source, allows bloggers to pay for space on their website, giving links the impression that a link is leading to a news item. People search the web looking for objective articles, end up in only one location, trust that location more than if they had clicked on an internet ad because they believe they started with an objective article, and purchase the service offered. The truth is that they have been led along a path cleverly designed by a company that wants you to trust this method of learning about their services so you will choose them above their competitors.

This is the new world of "news", not limited to ROBS promoters. Politicians, real estate agents, attorneys, anyone can play this game if they pay enough. We instinctively know this, even if we cannot connect all of the dots. There are more dots to connect in the GFS-FSB world, but the point is made. I am not surprised by a study earlier this year which shows that 6% of Americans trust the media.

The Best ROBS Setup

When it comes to a ROBS setup, how does one decide who is the best? The company best at creating anythign is often not the one spending the most money on manipulating internet marketing. I fully believe that my ROBS setup is the best in the industry. Howwever, no one is beating a path to my door. Why not? Probably because I suck at internet marketing.

Reminds me of a question I read in a MENSA quiz book. You are travelling thorugh a small town and decide you want a haircut. There are only two barbers in town. One has a clean shop and a great hair cut himself. The other a messy shop and a botched looking har cut. Which one do you pick? The answer suggest picking the one with the botched haircut and messy shop, because the likihood is that he gave the other barber his good looking haircut.

If you found this blog post researching ROBS setups, I congradulate you on your research skills and perserverance. If you want to discuss how we cna help you create your ROBS business, set up a no cost or obligation appointment here.


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